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August 21, 2009

Husky Extreme

So I came home from work to find a nice Fed Ex package sitting on my door step. I open it and find that I have the opportunity to be an alternate in a game promoted by Husky for the sweepstakes.

In this game if I am chosen to participate me and my guest have to answer 100 questions one day. For however many questions we get right we get the gps tracking position for a key in a particular area assigned to me and my guest. We compete against 2 other teams as well as a Master Outdoorsman. If we get more keys than either of the other teams and more than the Master Outdoorsman we win.

The prizes we get for EACH of us are: $2000, a personal watercraft, an atv, a tent, a pot and pan set, a camping set, and a knife set. We also get a chance for a bonus vacation.

So I try to think of who would be a good outdoors person that I could take as my guest and who would give me the best chance to win. After hours of thinking I decided to ask Ernest Gene Smith. He is an avid hunter and fisher and is always camping and the such. I take the papers over to him and ask him if he'd like a free trip to a ranch in Colorado and a chance to win these prizes. I leave the papers with him over the weekend and have good feelings about my chance to win some great prizes if we get picked.

Sunday evening I call and ask what he had decided. Man was I disappointed. He said he was going to pass on the trip. His excuse: The release says that there might be encounters with WILD ANIMALS. I get there and talk with him and pick up the papers and he again comments on the wild animals and that he can't take a gun on the airplane. I hemhaw around and get my papers and leave disgusted. Mr. big deer hunter and fisherman is scared that he might have to face wild animals. You disgust me Ernest Gene Smith.

The deadline for getting my papers signed and sent back to the sponsor were fast approaching so my blind mom says she will go just so that I can say I have a guest.

I dunno how this will play out. I hope it goes well.

Never in my life would I have expected a hunter, fisherman, and camper claim to be afraid of wild animals to get out of a free trip to a ranch in Colorado.

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